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Accessing Study Stack and Quizlet!   


Students were recently introduced to Study Stack.  This site provides students with the opportunity to study for upcoming tests and quizzes online.  Study stack includes flash cards, several games, practice tests and quizzes, and word puzzles that I have created using important vocabulary and main ideas.  This is a fun and valuable resource for helping kids to develop better study habits. 

To access Study Stack, CLICK HERE

or go to

  • Search mrsdyer316
  • Choose the current unit of study to access the appropriate study set
  • STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO CREATE THEIR OWN LOGIN TO USE STUDY STACK!!  This option is available, and students will be able to save their scores on certain games and compete against others if they have a login, but this is NOT required!!



Another great tool that students enjoy is Quizlet.  There are many fun games that students can play to help them learn material and study for quizzes and tests.  


To access Quizlet, CLICK HERE