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Taking care of our students!
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Friday, August 02, 2019

Social/Emotional/Physical Growth

The following people/programs are resources for your student that can assist them in further developing responsible and healthy attitudes:

  • Mrs. Laura Sly is the middle school guidance counselor and student council advisor.  She is available to meet with students and/or families regarding academic/social issues that may impact students success.  There are also a variety of opportunities for students to get involved with their school through the Claw Club student council that Mrs. Sly oversees.

  • Mrs. Amanda Anderson and Mrs. Kendra Masunas provide medical and counseling services at our Shelby Adolescent Health Center located in our middle school building.  Parents and students alike can set up an appointment through Mrs. Janet Monroe to see Amanda or Kendra by calling 231-902-8550.

  • Mr. Chuck Persenaire and Mrs. Heidi Olmstead are the key leaders of Shelby Middle School athletics.  Information on how to get your student involved in the variety of athletic programs the school has to offer is available by calling 231-861-4452.

  • The ASPIRE after school program will be present in the middle school once again this year.  Please contact Mrs. Kolleen Lennon at the middle school for registration information at 231-861-4521.

  • The Shelby Food Service through grant funding and  under the direction Mrs. Mary Rose Vanas continues to offer free breakfast, lunch, and after school supper to middle school students.  

  • The middle school will also seek to have in place a behavior specialist who will help work with individual students who struggle with academics, attending school on a regular basis, or other at-risk behaviors.  This person will also at times help to support classroom instruction through working within a small group setting with students on class work.

  • The middle school continues to place a high importance on promoting positive behaviors and relationships within the school building.  Students will continue to experience activities through the school year that they can participate in that promote healthy adolescent relationships as well as developing school spirit.  Students will also be able to participate in student reward days that are held as a result of their high academic performance and proper behavior in school. The middle school has also partnered with the Be Nice! initiative to further promote efforts that create a kind, accepting atmosphere within our school. Look for our Shelby spirit wear sale that will further support our goals in these areas..  

This is just a snapshot of what the Shelby Middle School is doing to provide opportunities for students and their families.  We understand many people within the community touch the lives of the youth we work with daily and we want to thank you for your positive influence you provide in their lives. Through these middle school programs and resources we hope to continually improve at doing our part to foster growth of youth within the Shelby area.  The entire Shelby Middle School staff stands at the ready to provide opportunities to assist students experience their personal best and add to the community support that many students already feel around them. Thank you for all you do and please contact us through the middle school office at 231-861-4521 if there is any further assistance we can provide.

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