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Olmstead, Mark Principal
Sly, Laura Counselor
Lenon, Kolleen ASPIRE Program Director

Cederquist, Patricia 6th Grade Math
Dorman, Shellie MS Special Education
Dyer, Melissa 6th and 7th Grade World History
Glamzi, Andrea 7th Grade Math & Advanced 2
Harvell, Rebecca 8th grade Science
Isakson, Curt Band
Mikkelson, Brett 8th grade Social Studies
Ramso, Shannon 6th grade Science/7th grade Life Science
Rapes, Chris 7th Grade Science
Salisbury, Maria 8th Grade Math
Schuchardt, Brenda Social Studies/Yearbook
Shalifoe-Wallace, Katherine ESL Support
Sikkema, Wade PE
Wall, Debbie Reading Specialist
Woller, Sarah 6th Grade Language Arts

Hogston, Lori Attendance Secretary
Newman, Jeanne Instructional Assistant
Rapes, Mary Secretary