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Olmstead, Mark Principal
Sly, Laura Counselor
Lenon, Kolleen ASPIRE Program Director

Cederquist, Patricia 6th Grade Math
Dyer, Melissa 6th and 7th Grade World History
Glamzi, Andrea 7th Grade Math & Advanced 2
Harvell, Rebecca 8th grade Science
Isakson, Curt Band
Mikkelson, Brett 8th grade Social Studies
Ramso, Shannon 6th grade Science/7th grade Life Science
Rapes, Chris 7th Grade Science
Salisbury, Maria 8th Grade Math
Schuchardt, Brenda Social Studies/Yearbook
Shalifoe-Wallace, Katherine ESL Support
Sikkema, Wade PE
Wall, Debbie Reading Specialist
Woller, Sarah 6th Grade Language Arts

Hogston, Lori Attendance Secretary
Newman, Jeanne Instructional Assistant
Rapes, Mary Secretary